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Lifeteen Mass     Sundays  7:00PM     Spanish

Lifenights                    Wednesdays 7PM-9PM        Bilingual   Above the parish chapel

Contact Us:   Phone   305-649-5464

Email Us:


Hugo Muralles

Hugo is 37 years old, married and is the Coordinator of the Prayer and Sports Ministry. An extremely spiritual man, he was born in Guatemala, is service oriented and quite a character! He is the most positive member of the Core Team. When we are down, he lifts us up!


The Angels and Saints point to Christ. The teen with a
contrite heart repents and prays for forgiveness to Jesus.


Sitting out with the teens. In the background is the Fr. Isern, Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes and to his right, Virginia Vega. They will be starting Lifeteen January, 2005!


Esteban is Captain of the Altar Servers and a member of our Lifeteen Choir.


Donis and the Lifenight Choir help lead the Praise


Christ is calling you! Come and visit us!Lifeteen is awesome!!

Becoming a Core Team Member

How do you become a Core Team Member? This is a common question among the Lifeteeners. We have decided to place the response on the website to satisfy the curiosity! Core Team status is not easy work. Becoming a Core Member requires training, investment of your personal time, a spiritual life, and a strive for holiness. As the youth ministry expands, often the Core Team grows in proportion to the size of the group. At times, teen members ask about joining the Core. Other times we look among the Parish Community and from within the Lifeteen program to recommend members into Core Team status.

So what qualities do we look for? The qualities we look for are responsibility, personal and spiritual maturity, commitment, reliability, dedication to our Lifeteen Program, personal attendance to the Lifeteen Mass as well as the Lifenights. Sometimes, a candidate may not have all the qualities but if the candidate is willing, we will assist them in their personal development.

To enter candidacy status, a potential Core Member is first presented and recommended by a current Core Team Member in our monthly meeting. The candidate is not required to attend this initial meeting. The Core Team deliberates the strengths and areas of growth of the candidate based on the observations of all the current Core Members. After deliberation, discernment, and prayer the candidate is voted upon. If the majority is in favor of the candidate, the potential Core Member is accepted into official candidacy status and is informed of this news by the Youth Minister or Spiritual Director along with suggestions for personal development. If there is not a 3/4ths majority, the potential Core Member is not accepted into official candidacy status. The Youth Minister informs the potential candidate the results and reasons for non-acceptance and suggestions for improving his/her chances at another more opportune time.

Once a Core Member is accepted as a candidate for Core Team status, he or she is observed for a period of 4 weeks to test the commitment to all the responsibilities of the Core Team. This includes attending the Sunday meeting to plan the Wednesday night Lifenights, the weekly Tuesday meeting to prepare the Lifenight room, the weekly Wednesday Lifenight meeting and the monthly Core Meeting to plan the following month’s activities. This is in addition to personal development in personal prayer life, witness to Christ, emotional and psychological maturity, and leadership.


Once the candidate passes the 4 weeks observation, the candidate is presented once again in the monthly Core Meeting by the Youth Minister. The Core Team evaluates the progress of the candidate during the 4 week time frame. After the deliberations, the Core Team prays and votes for the candidate. If 3/4ths of the Core Team is in favor of Core Team status, the candidate is accepted officially as a Core Team Member. If the Core Team is less than 3/4ths, the Candidate is not accepted for Core Team status and may be dismissed from candidacy or his/her stay may be extended for another time period. The Youth Minister informs the candidate of the Core Team’s decision and is given a Ministry to coordinate or assist. Areas for further development are shared and expectations are set.


A separate meeting is held to train the new Core Team member into the Lifeteen Vision and program. Forms are completed and a date set for public initiation into the Core Team. This is done through a special ceremony in the Lifeteen Mass where the Core Team red golf shirt is officially given to the Core Member.


If you think you have what it takes, speak to any Core Member, the Youth Minister, or our Lifeteen Spiritual Director. You can also contact us at Good luck!

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